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With you on the bus

That's all I have! - That's all I want!

Unknown [see also John 21;15-19]

The Lord is asking if Peter loves him, yes, he loves him - but note that Peter uses a different word for love, after he had denied to know Jesus. Peter did not feel able to really love Jesus passionately - He still was his friend though. It's as if Jesus was asking:"will you send me a Taxi" but you, knowing you might not be able to afford a taxi, tell him you will come and go by bus together with Jesus. Peter is embarrassed as Jesus is asking him for his love three times while all he has is this love clouded with fear and shame. What are we doing with that? Will we give Jesus our Bus ticket, all we have? Will we trust him to support us so we will soon be able to afford the bus - aka love him with all passion?